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Thanks to member David Bath, we have now been able to list more detailed information about all bound volumes of the two periodicals that Jerome K Jerome edited. Look under that section of the Biblography.


There is a vacant SINGLE space for the JKJ Society London Lunch at the Garrick Club on Thursday 20 June 2019. First come, first serve – let me know by email: jeremy@jeremynicholas.com MEMBERS ONLY Approximate cost of lunch (incl. wine, etc.) £70  

London branch of the JKJ Society

Your Chairman and President have been in discussion about the possibility of establishing a London branch of the Jerome Society. The majority of members attending Society events are, understandably, from Walsall and the Midlands, that being where the Society was founded. There are those, though, who feel somewhat disadvantaged by living far away from the […]

Jerome ‘reads’ Three Men in a Boat

New member Mark Bryant has alerted me to this strange animation to be found on YouTube. I can’t identify the fruity voice. Sadly, there are of course no recordings of Jerome’s voice (though he lived quite long enough to have done so) but contemporaries report that he never lost a slight Midlands accent. So, though […]

33rd Annual Dinner of the Society

  The Annual Dinner was held, as usual, at the Fairlawn’s Hotel, Aldridge, on the evening of Wednesday 26th April. The pictures below rather speak for themselves… except the last one. They were taken towards the end of the evening after a certain amount of drink had been taken and feature (from l. to r.) […]

RUSSIAN TV doco August 2015

Subscribers to Idle Thoughts No. 37 will have read the President’s report of his eventful morning filming in London with a Russian crew in August 2015. They were here, ostensibly, to follow in the footsteps of Three Men (+ dog), lightly disguised as a tourist industry plug, presumably to encourage Russians to visit the UK. Having […]

VISIT to EWELME & TROY – August 2015

 Members of the Society attended morning service at the idyllic church of St Mary’s, Ewelme, and afterwards made their way (with the help of satnavs and other orienteering skills) to Troy, erstwhile home of Jerome. We were welcomed by the present owners, David and Tania Ruck Keene, with Pimm’s, sausages and canapés. The Society is […]


A rare opportunity to see Jerome’s play has just been announced: The Stansted Players (https://stanstedplayers.wordpress.com) are pleased to inform you that they will be presenting Jerome K. Jerome’s 1911 play on the subject of the emancipation of women (and the potential dangers therein) in the Theatre at Bedales School, Petersfield, Hampshire. Performances are on Thursday […]


The latest bumper edition of Idle Thoughts has been ready for some time, but owing to various demands placed upon the Hon. Sec. (aka Hon. Ed. aka Chairman)  the hard copy has yet to go to the printers. However, a pdf of IT36 has been sent to all members with current email adresses. Hopefully those […]