Pot Pourri of Gifts Literary and Artistic. Contributed as a Souvenir of the Grand Masonic Bazaar  in Aid of the Annuity Fund of Scottish Masonic Benevolence.  Edited by W. Grant Stevenson, A.R.S.A.  Edinburgh, R.W.M. of Lodge Dramatic and Arts, no. 757. 1890.

17-25, “The Prince’s Quest.”

Not seen.  Reprinted in Idle Thoughts no. 10, December 1990, pp. 13-18.


The Humours of Cycling.  Stories and Pictures by Jerome K. Jerome, H.G. Wells, L. Raven-Hill, Barry Pain, G.B. Burgin, Clarence Rook, W. Pett Ridge, etc. etc.  London, James Bowden, 1897.

Pp. [4] 1 2-96.

1 2-3, “Women and Wheels”

Printed on coated wove paper, size 250 x 221mm.

Red paper; lettered in decorative type face, white with black shading.

Listed in English Catalogue, August 1897, 1/-.

Copies seen: British Library – 12331.h.38; Bodleian Library  – 256.d.165.

The Humours of Cycling.   2nd edition.   London, James Bowden, 1898.

Listed in English Catalogue, March 1898, 1/6.

Not seen.


Humours of Cycling.  Stories and Pictures by Jerome K. Jerome, Barry Pain, W. Pett Ridge, H.G. Wells, Clarence Rook, J.F. Sullivan and Others.   A New Edition.  London, Chatto & Windus, 1905

Pp. 1-5 6-223 224.

33-40,  “Women and Wheels.”

Printed on coated wove paper, size 183 x 123mm.

Red cloth, lettered in black.

Listed in English Catalogue, January 1905, 1/-.

Copies seen: British Library – 012331.ee.56, accession date 31 January 1905; Bodleian Library – Harris, G. C. 2101665.


Dog Stories by Zola.  With an Introduction by Jerome K. Jerome.  Edited by Sidney Trist.  London, Office of the Animals’ Guardian, 1904.

103p.  Illustrated.

3, 4-6, Preface by Jerome.

Listed in English Catalogue, February 1904, 1/-.


Printers’ Pie. A Festival Souvenir of the Printers’ Pension Corporation.  Published at the Offices of “The Sphere,” Great New Street, London, MCMIV.

73-74, “A Clearing House for Authors.”


The Press Album.  Published in Aid of the Journalists’ Orphan Fund.  Edited by Thomas Catling.  London, John Murray, 1909

Pp. i-vii viii-xv xvi 1 2-224.  Illustrated.

34-35,  “Woman and her Purse.”

Deluxe edition: Cream cloth, lettered on front and spine; front: elaborate art nouveau style decoration and illustration of kneeling child scribes, apple trees and falling apples, with header ‘the press album’ in Carolingian minuscule style; spine: [ornament] / THE / [ornament] / PRESS / ALBUM / [decorative apple tree design] / LONDON / JOHN MURRAY

Copies seen: British Library – 12271.s.5.


Trade edition: Decorative red cloth, blind stamped with darker red decorations and, at top, in Carolingian style letters ‘the press album’; spine: gilt lettered THE / PRESS / ALBUM’ / blind stamped: ‘[dark red decoration] / LONDON / JOHN MURRAY


The Odd Volume.  Literary and Artistic.  Edited by B. W. Matz.  Published in Aid of the Funds of the National Book Trade Provident Society.  London, Simpkin, Marshall, 1914.

pp. 73-89, “The Coming Woman and the Man of the Future,” by Jerome K. Jerome, G. K. Chesterton, Constance Smedley, Keble Howard, W. L. George, The Countess of Jersey, and I. Zangwill.


The Queen’s Gift Book.  In Aid of Queen Mary’s Convalescent Auxiliary Hospitals for Soldiers and Sailors who Have Lost their Limbs in the War.  London, Hodder and Stoughton, [1915].

Pp. 1-2 3-160.   Illustrated.

Jerome: “The Portrait of a Lady,” 102-10.

Gray cloth, lettered in blue.

Copies seen: FR.


Moss, Alfred

Songs from the Heart of England.  Anthology of Walsall Poetry.  Edited by Alfred Moss.  With a Foreword by Jerome K. Jerome.  London T. Fisher Unwin, 1920.

Pp. 1-4 5-197

5-7, “Foreword.”

Paper-covered boards, quarter bound in dull green cloth; gilt lettered on spine.                    Copies seen: FR; APR.

Reprinted in Idle Thoughts no. 18, Winter 1996, p. 30.


Can Europe be Saved, and How?  A Short Discussion of the Conflict of French and English Policy, the Peace Treaty and Indemnities, the Rebuilding of Europe.  By James Fowler Shone.

With Introductory Chapter “The German People as I Knew Them ,” by Jerome K. Jerome.  London, The League of  World Friendship

Pp. 1 2-11 12.

2-3. Jerome article.

Copies seen: Bodleian Library  – 22282 d.3/14.


Countries of the World.  Described by the Leading Travel Writers of the Day.  Illustrated with some 4000 Actual Photographs of which about 1200 / are given in Full Colours & in Photogravure. Edited by  J. A. Hammerton. London, The Waverley Book Company, Ltd, [1924]

Volume 3, 1661-71:  Jerome K. Jerome: “Dresden.  Saxony’s Fair Capital on the Elbe.”

Includes 1 map and 9 photographs.

Copies seen: British Library; FR, APR, photocopies of article.

Reprinted in Idle Thoughts no. 22, Winter/Spring 1999, pp. 25-35.


Countries of the World. New and Concise Edition of a Standard Work,  Edited by Sir J.A. Hammerton.  London, Amalgamated Press, [1936].

Issued in parts at 7d. each.

578-81, Jerome K. Jerome: “Dresden.  Saxony’s Fair Capital on the Elbe.”

Includes 1 map and 7 photographs.

Copies seen: British Library; FR, APR, photocopies of article.


Dickens, Charles.  Our Mutual Friend.  London, Collins, 1955.

15-17, Introduction by Jerome.

Copies seen: FR.

(This contribution must have appeared previously as a periodical article, probably in the latter part of Jerome’s life).