1. *Weeds. A Story in Seven Chapters. By K. McK. Bristol, J. W. Arrowsmith, [1892]..
    18 2-158 [signed on first two leaves of each signature; 11.1 lacks signature].
    120 leaves, printed on recto only in vertical format: 1-4 5-118 119-20.
    Contents: 1 half-title: WEEDS.; 2 title-page; 3 [gothic type face] Some said, “John, print it,” others said / “Not so,” / Some said “It might do good,” others said, / “No.”; 4 CONTENTS. [short rule]; 5-118,119 text; at foot of 119 PRINTING OFFICE OF THE PUBLISHER.; 120 blank.
    Printed on wove paper, size 167 x 109mm. Gilt edged on all sides.
    Evidence of authorship is contained in a letter sold at Sotheby’s in February, 1968, cited in Daily Telegraph, 12 February 1968.
    *Grey-brown cloth, lettered in black on front. Both cover and pages have rounded bottom corners.
    Listed in English Catalogue, November, 1892, 1/6, Arrowsmith’s Note-Book Series.
    Copies seen: FR, APR – photocopies; British Library (date of accession 9 November 1892), Bodleian Library (date of accession 13 March 1893).