33rd Annual Dinner of the Society


The Annual Dinner was held, as usual, at the Fairlawn’s Hotel, Aldridge, on the evening of Wednesday 26th April. The pictures below rather speak for themselves… except the last one. They were taken towards the end of the evening after a certain amount of drink had been taken and feature (from l. to r.) President Jeremy Nicholas, Guest Speaker Ian Macmillan ‘The Bard of Barnsley’, and Chairman Tony Gray.

Ian regaled us with 30 (or was it 40? nobody was looking) minutes of hilarity, ending with an improvised rap song about Jerome – and got all but one sour-faced guest to join in with gusto. The photos (thank you Sophie!) capture the general spirit of the occasion, while the one on the right shows Ian presenting to the Chairman the Holy Grape (‘Grail’ was a misprint, apparently… well, you had to be there).

Huge thanks to John Pette and his staff, to Peter and Jennifer Wood for organising everything so meticulously, and for the enthusiastic participation of members which helped make the dinner one of the most memorable.