RUSSIAN TV doco August 2015

Subscribers to Idle Thoughts No. 37 will have read the President’s report of his eventful morning filming in London with a Russian crew in August 2015. They were here, ostensibly, to follow in the footsteps of Three Men (+ dog), lightly disguised as a tourist industry plug, presumably to encourage Russians to visit the UK.

Having heard nothing from the lovely Elzvieta (the director), the President contacted her through Facebook (which he has now reluctantly joined but which, clearly, has it uses).  Would it be possible, he asked, to have a copy of the documentary? Assuming that, over a year later, it had been completed. Within an hour, the lovely Elzvieta had replied and supplied the President with this link making it available for all to see. Though the President’s role had been reduced somewhat (no change there, then), and the whole thing is in Russian of course, it seems a rather charming little film: