1. **Fennel. A New Romantic Play. From the French of François Coppée. London, Samuel French, [1888]. (French’s Acting Edition, no. 1955).

    Unsigned, 112. Pp. 1 2-23 24.
    Contents: 1 title-page; 2 FENNEL. / Produced at Novelty Theatre, March 31st,1888. / [short rule] [then list of cast & properties]; 3-23 text; 24 blank.
    Printed on wove paper, size 184 x 107mm.
    **Buff paper covers, lettered in black; inside covers contain advertisements for scenery – garden, wood, foliage, tree trunk, drawing room, cottage interior, proscenium, doors, window, fireplace, and for make-up boxes; outside back: lists plays in French’s Acting Edition in volumes of 15, beginning with volume 121 (nos. 1801-15) and ending with volume 131 (nos. 1951-53).
    Copies seen: FR; Bodleian Library; later impression: FR.