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    ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED BY janiepoo4 15 February 2011, 20:42:01

    Hello all,

    Please forgive my intrusion onto your forum but a local cancer charity has had donated what I think is a first edition (possibly first printing) of Three men in a Boat. It seems to match the criteria as previously outlined, i.e.

    “To summarize, a true first issue has the following five points:
    1. Front endpaper is headed J.W. ARROWSMITH, BRISTOL. ***
    2. Ornamental initial “T” on page 1 is clear, without faults.
    3. There is no moon in the sky of the illustration on page 20.
    4. Ornamental initial ‘I” on pages 77 and 95 is inverted – the
    dragons’ heads point up.
    5. The word “stream” is present at the end of page 271. ”

    The only difference is that the back and front pasted down covers and opposites are decorated with flowers! there is no reference to Prince…. October and no adverts at the front of the book, only the back. All present with just a few marks, no loose pages. Book intact but the piece covering the spine is loose – interestingly there are a couple of adverts on the spine – Isherwood, Foster and Stacey Limited Pale Ale Brewers, Lower Brewery, Maidstone and Haynes Bros, Kings St and Week St Maidstone. There is a name inscription onthe top of the title page. Corner are rubbed and some wrinkle on front cover. Bottom of front title page reads as follows:

    *** (1) BRISTOL

    It would be lovely if this could raise something for the Charity and your replies/confirmation would be greatly appreciated. I am quite happy to send photos?

    Kind regards


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    ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED BY jesthepres 16 February 2011, 11:17:57

    Dear Janie,
    Not an intrusion! Your enquiry is what the Forum is for. It does sound like a first edition / first state, doesn’t it. But the endpapers you describe and the damaged spine sound like it is in less than mint condition. Without a photo it is difficult to evaluate – and even then I’m not sure what a damaged first edition / first state would fetch in the current economic climate. Any ideas anybody? Perhaps someone will make you an offer if you post a photo…or just make you an offer anyway, as it’s for charity.
    Best wishes,
    Jeremy Nicholas

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