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    Hi, I have recently come into information that Jerome J Jerome lived in the house that I own. Is there anybody connected to this website who would have detailed information on his life and if so could verify that he did live there. The house in question is in the Hampton court area known as East Molesey.

    Thank you.

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    Jeremy Nicholas

    An interesting one! The Society has no knowledge of Jerome ever living in or owning a house in East Molesey, so it would be fascinating to see written evidence (census, deeds, etc) of him living there – and when. For your information, here is a list of all Jerome’s known dwellings, updated from the one published in a recent edition of Idle Thoughts:

    JEROME K JEROME WAS HERE… all of Jerome’s known addresses

    1859 Belsize House, Bradford Street, Walsall, Staffordshire

    1861 23 Lichfield Street, Walsall, Staffordshire

    1861-62 (3 Oct) Worcester Road, Stourbridge, Worcestershire

    1862-70 Sussex Street, Poplar (now Lindfield Street), London

    1870 (11 Aug-) Springfield Road, Colney Hatch (77 Springfield Villas), London

    1871 (5 Aug-) Springfield Road (St. John’s Villas), London

    1873 (22 Jun-) Finchley, north London

    1874 (21 May) Holloway, north London

    1875 (20 Jul) Mother died at 12 Moray Road, W. Islington, London

    1881-84 36 Newman Street , London (1881 Census) (latest research indicates that JKJ’s memory was at fault when he says he also lodged in Whitfield Street at this time)

    1884-85 (or ’86) 19 (now No. 32) Tavistock Place, London

    1886 33 Tavistock Place, London

    1888- 104 Chelsea Gardens, London

    1891-93 7 Alpha Place, St. John’s Wood, London

    1893- Mayfair (My Life and Times)

    1898 5 Park Row, Albert Gate, London

    1899 Freiburg (two addresses)

    1900 Sidonienstrasse 15, 11, Dresden

    1901-09 Goulds Grove, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

    1910-17 Monks Corner, Marlow Common, Buckinghamshire

    1918-20 Wood End House, Marlow, Buckinghamshire

    1920-23 Ridge End House, Marlow Common, Buckinghamshire

    1923 (March) 189 Earls Court Road, London, S.W. 5

    1924 (May-Oct) 77 Elm Park Mansions, Chelsea, London

    1926-27 41 Belsize Park, London, N.W. 3

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    What a lot of addresses for one lifetime!

    I can’t match Johnboy’s claim to live in a former home of Jerome. However, I recently unearthed a rather interesting connection with my home town in Cheltenham. On his final (and never completed) car journey from Devon to London in 1927 Jerome filled up his car at a Cheltenham petrol station that is less than half a mile from my home. Later that day, while travelling through Northampton, he suffered a stroke and subsequently passed away in their General Hospital.

    The filling station in question still exists. Perhaps there should be a plaque?

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    Jeremy Nicholas

    This is terrific. Lodrun, is there any chance of a photograph of the petrol station? Maybe there’s even a contemporary b&w pic of the garage you could track down in one of those ‘Cheltenham Past & Present’ books? How did you find out about JKJ’s stop at the garage? Newspaper report?

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    I can certainly obtain a photo of the petrol station. Not sure how to upload it this site, but can easily forward it to a normal e-mail address. The information came from a friend, who is a local journalist, historian and fellow Jerome enthusiast. I will also try to obtain a contemporary photo and further information.

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    I have taken a photo of the filling station and also have a contemporary photo from around 1930. In those days it was called Brunskill’s Shell Garage and had a rather striking, period, five-sided pagoda style slate roof, the style of which is preserved to this day. It is located on the main A40 (London Road), quite near the centre of Cheltenham, and was the town’s first petrol station. I will submit the photos if someone can tell me how.

    The information source was a lady who contacted my historian friend within the last couple of years. Apparently, a close relative of hers (grandfather possibly) owned the garage and had told her of Jerome’s visit on the day of his last journey from Devon.

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    Do send any photos to me and I’ll add them to a photo gallery of some sort. Send to asteven (at) asteven (dot) com. Thanks. Andrew.

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    frank irwin

    There are many story and folks about him, and I don’t know what indeed is true, maybe until I see some proof that he once existed in the community or at least evidence that he have been to the place. Many photos also showing some of his belongings and indicating the location but for me is not sufficient maybe until I didn’t see and hold a physical photo.

    Frank of

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    Andrew Steven

    Regarding the filling station in Cheltenham referred to by Lodrun WAY back in 2013, you can see it using Google Street View here:

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    Hi. Have just read a book on the history of Selsey, West Sussex, which says JKJ owned a house in the village called Klapka! It doesn’t feature on your list and wondered if it might just have been a holiday home rather than permanent residence….

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