Diary of a Pilgrimage.

Daily Graphic, 14 August-9 September 1890, I-XXIV.

(Note: 28 August, XIII incorrectly numbered XII; 29 August, XIV; 30 August, XVI; etc. – no XV.  The book has 15 unnumbered chapters, identified by date).


How Not to be Useful in War Time.  Talking and Doing.

Daily News and Leader, 4 September 1914.


A Fight to a Finish – and Then?  Give back Germany to the German people.

Daily Chronicle, 7 October 1914.


What America is Thinking.

Daily News and Leader, 30 October 1914.


The War and the Three Americas.  An Interview with President Wilson.

Daily News and Leader, 17 November 1914.


The Greatest Game of All.  The True Spirit of War.

Daily News and Leader, 5 January 1915.


Democracy on its Trial. Slackers who should be Kicked into Decency.  Men who are Facing Duty.

Illustrated Sunday Herald, 28 March 1915.


Land of Silence.  Famous Writer on the New France.  On the Borders of War.  Enemy Cocksure he is not to be Beaten.

Illustrated Sunday Herald, 4 April 1915.


The Enemy and Peace Terms.  What England and France have to Face when they Attack the Rhine.

Illustrated Sunday Herald, 11 April 1915.


“Drinking as Usual.”  What must be Done to Awaken the Nation out of its Comfortable Grooves.

Illustrated Sunday Herald, 18 April 1915.


Are we Talking too Much?  “The Answer to German Misdeeds is Cold Steel and Hot Shell.”

Illustrated Sunday Herald, 25 April 1915.


What are we to Get out of this War?  A Remarkable Article on the Lasting Things Britain may Hope to Gain.

Illustrated Sunday Herald, 2 May 1915.


Censuring the Censor.  A Lesson we can Learn from the Fall of the Walls of Jericho.

Illustrated Sunday Herald, 9 May 1915.


The Two Voices of England.  Jerome K. Jerome on a Lesson we might Learn from Bavarian Peasant Women.

Illustrated Sunday Herald, 16 May 1915.


Wanted: a Man with a Torch.  The Coalition Government must Put an End to National Dawdling.

Illustrated Sunday Herald, 23 May 1915.


Jerome K. Jerome’s Daring Satire.  Sad State of Affairs in ––Germany.  A Nation Reduced to a Babel of Clamour.

Illustrated Sunday Herald, 30 May 1915.


The Voice of the Young Men.  What Youth can Do in the Securing of a Lasting Peace.

Illustrated Sunday Herald, 6 June 1915.


“No German Methods Wanted Here.”  Jerome K. Jerome on the Armies England Wants to Finish the War.

Illustrated Sunday Herald, 13 June 1915.


England’s Path to Victory.  “Comrades All”: Jerome K. Jerome’s Stirring Call to the Nation.

Illustrated Sunday Herald, 20 June 1915.


Jerome K. Jerome Wants Peace Without Hate.  British Author Points to Edith Cavell Who, Standing in Death’s Shadow, Said that Patriotism Was not Enough; She Must Have no Bitterness.

New York Times, 23 January 1916, IV, 3.


“Not so Much Grousing.”

Lloyd’s Weekly News, 2 April 1916.


The Stomach of the People.

Lloyd’s Weekly News, 9 April 1916.


When the Farmers’ Lads Come Home.

Lloyd’s Weekly News, 16 April 1916.


Our Enemies.

Lloyd’s Weekly News, 30 April 1916.


“Figures be D—–d.”

Lloyd’s Weekly News, 7 May 1916.


The Anti-English League.

Lloyd’s Weekly News, 14 May 1916.


Not such Fools as they Look.

Lloyd’s Weekly News, 28 May 1916.


Business Not as Usual.

Lloyd’s Weekly News, 4 June 1916.


The Blessings of War.

Lloyd’s Weekly News, 11 June 1916.


After the Battle.

Lloyd’s Weekly News, 18 June 1916.


Jerome K. Jerome Tells a Story.  (Contribution to: The Third Year of the War.  Striking Messages to the Nation on the Anniversary of Britain’s Great Decision.)

Illustrated Sunday Herald, 4 August 1916.


A League of Reason.

Daily News and Leader, 28 January 1918.


Wilson or Lenin.

Daily News, 3 December 1918.


Idle Thoughts.  (A Dream of the Near Future.)

Daily Herald, 19 May 1919.