1. **When Greek Meets Greek. New York, De Witt.

    Unsigned, 18. Pp. 1 2-15 [1].
    Contents: 1 title-page; 2 cast of characters, scenery, costumes, properties; 3-15 text; [1] Three New Plays / [double rule] (Handicapped, by Sallie Toler; The Match Box, by Alice Gale Woodbury; Dancing Attendance, by Henry L. Williams, to all of which the Library of Congress attributes 1894 publication dates).
    Printed on wove paper, size 190 x 106mm.
    **Paper cover, faded pale green, lettered in black; inside covers have alphabetical list of De Witt’s Ethiopian and Comic Drama, and the pantomime Humpty Dumpty; back cover: [within decorative borders, and with engraved illustrations] ‘How to Manage Amateur Theatricals’ and ‘De Witt’s Selections for Amateur and Parlor Theatricals.’
    First published 1888. Authenticity of Jerome’s authorship very doubtful; it was never published in England, and there is no record of its being staged.
    Listed in Publisher’s Weekly 836, 25 February 1888; American Catalog 1884-90, 15¢; Copies seen: FR; University of Illinois Library (with minor differences on title-page and covers).

  2. When Greek Meets Greek. Chicago, Dramatic Publishing Company. 15¢. 15p.
    Except for change of publisher’s imprint, printed from the same plates as the De Witt edition, above.
    Paper cover: Price, 15 Cents / [within decorative scroll] When Greek Meets Greek / BY / J. K. JEROME / [in frame in front of tree held by long robed dramatic figures] SERGEL’S / ACTING / DRAMA / No. 345 / [within pedestal] PUBLISHED BY / THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY / CHARLES H. SERGEL, PRESIDENT
    Copies seen: cover and first four pages, Dartmouth College Library.
  3. When Greek Meets Greek. Philadelphia, Penn Publishing Co., 1898. 22p.
    (Dramatic Library, no. 138).
    Listed in American Catalog 1895-1900, Paper, 15¢.
    Frequently reprinted.
    Copies seen: Toronto Public Library (1900 printing); cover and title-page from 1906 printing.