1. *Told After Supper. London, The Leadenhall Press, 1891.

    A4 B-L8 M4 ?2. Pp. [8] 1 2-169 170-72.
    Contents: [1] half-title: TOLD AFTER SUPPER; [2] [hand pointing right] AMONGST THE BEST OF MR. JEROME’S / BOOKS / [hand pointing down] / One Hundred and Nineteenth Edition. / THE IDLE THOUGHTS OF AN IDLE FELLOW: A / Book for an Idle Holiday. By Jerome K. Jerome, / Author of ‘On the Stage – and Off.’ / HALF-A-CROWN. / London: The Leadenhall Press, E.C. / ‘The Idle Thoughts by Jerome, with his special / private views, / Is a book all busy people should undoubtedly / peruse.’ – Punch. / [hand pointing down] / Fifteenth Edition. / ON THE STAGE – AND OFF. The Brief Career of a / Would-be Actor. By Jerome K. Jerome. / ONE SHILLING. / London: The Leadenhall Press, E.C.; [3] blank; [4] frontispiece; [5] title-page; [6] illustration, woman’s face framed by new moon, below which THE LEADENHALL PRESS, E.C. / T. 4,471; [7] CONTENTS; [8] blank; 1 2-169 text; 170-72 blank.
    Pagination includes the 21 full-page plates.
    Printed in blue ink on pale blue wove paper, size 191 x 141mm.
    Top edge gilt, fore and bottom edges uncut.
    *Red cloth, lettered in black on front and spine; spine: TOLD / AFTER / SUPPER / JEROME / K. / JEROME / The Leadenhall / Press.
    Inserted between ?.1 and ?.2 is a 16 page gathering of publisher’s announcements: Extracts / from / The Leadenhall Press Book List, / 50, LEADENHALL STREET, / LONDON, E.C. Listed in English Catalogue, December 1890, 3/6; reviewed in Punch, 3 January 1891.
    Copies seen: FR; APR (16); Library of Congress; University of Toronto Library.
    Also exists with ‘Authorized American Ed.’ on title-page and ‘1.ed.’ on cover.

  2. Told After Supper. Philadelphia, Henry Altemus
    Unsigned, 1-224 Pp. [6] 1 2-169 170. Pagination includes the 21 full-page plates.
    Contents: [1] blank; [2] frontispiece; [3] title-page; [4] ] illustration, woman’s face framed by new moon; [5] CONTENTS; [6] blank; 1 2-169 text; 170 blank.
    Printed in blue ink on off-white paper, size 202 x 138mm.
    Text setting is very similar to that of the Leadenhall Press edition, and all the illustrations are present. But the type has been reset, and the line length is a little shorter. Other differences include periods or colons in place of commas or semi-colons on several pages, omission of underlining on p.2, line 8 and p.116, line 17.
    Green floral patterned endpapers.
    Dull blue cloth, gilt lettered on front and spine.
    Listed in Publisher’s Weekly 993, 7 February 1891; American Catalog 1890-95, $1.25; reviewed in New York Times, 8 March 1891, 19.
    Copies seen: FR (2); APR.

    Also issued as a paperback, the cover lettered in orange and blue, headed ALTEMUS’ IDLE HOUR SERIES. NO. 2., with illustration below series title – man in formal dress raising glass to female spirit rising from punch bowl; below, at left: ENTERED ACCORDING TO ACT OF CONGRESS BY HENRY ALTEMUS, 1891.
    Listed in American Catalog 1890-95, 50¢.
    Copies seen: Library of Congress – rebound, with original paper cover preserved; acquisition date 4 Feb 1891]

  3. *Told After Supper. New York, Henry Holt and Company, 1891.

    Unsigned, 1-118. Pp. [6] 1 2-169 170.
    Contents: [1] half-title: TOLD AFTER SUPPER and humorous skull and crossbones with owl and mouse above small Leadenhall Press monogram, as on title-page of Leadenhall Press edition; [2] list of other Jerome titles in Holt’s Author’s Edition; [3] title-page; [4] illustration, woman’s face framed by new moon; at foot of page ROBERT DRUMMOND / ELECTROTYPER AND PRINTER / NEW YORK ; [5] CONTENTS.; [6] blank ; 1 2-169 text, reset in a different type face from the Leadenhall Press edition, though it follows the original, line for line; 170 blank.
    The 22 plates are included in the pagination; the frontispiece plate now faces p. 94; the two “My Own Story” plates (Leadenhall Press, pp. 129, 131) are now back to back, pp. 131-2. Printed in black on wove paper, size 186 x 121mm.
    *Red cloth, gilt lettered on front and spine; spine: TOLD / AFTER / SUPPER / [short rule] / Jerome / HENRY HOLT & Co.
    Listed in Publisher’s Weekly 994, 14 February 1891; American Catalog 1890-95, $1.00; paper 30¢.
    Copies seen: FR; APR.

  4. Funny Ghost Stories Told After Supper. Girard, Kansas, Haldeman-Julius Company.
    Unsigned, 132. Stapled. Pp. 1-5 6-64.
    Contents: 1 title-page; 2 PRINTED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; 3 CONTENTS; 4 blank; 5 6-60 text; 61-64: OTHER LITTLE BLUE BOOKS [including no. 18, Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow and no. 1171, Funny Facts About Stageland.]. Printed on wove paper, size 127 x 87mm. .
    Grey-brown paper, lettered in black: LITTLE BLUE BOOK NO. 1170 / Edited by E. Haldeman-Julius [1170 occupies both lines, to right of text] / Funny Ghost Stories / Told After Supper / Jerome K. Jerome.
    [Advertised in Haldeman-Julius Weekly, 12 Feb. 1927]
    Reprinted several times; the colour of the cover varies.
    Copies seen: University of Kansas Library, Pittsburg State University Library.
  5. After Supper Ghost Stories Gloucester, Alan Sutton, 1985
    Unsigned. Pp. [6] 1 2-169 170-72.
    The text is a facsimile of the Leadenhall Press edition, but printed in black on white wove paper, size 193 x 127mm. Half-titles for each story are included in the pagination.
    Paper cover, lettered in white and red on black:
    Copies seen: APR; Georgetown University Library.
  6. After Supper Ghost Stories, and Other Tales Gloucester, Alan Sutton, 1990.
    Unsigned. Pp. [8] 1-175 176 [8].
    Contains texts of Told After Supper and Evergreens, with illustrations by K. M. Skeaping and G. G. Fraser from the first English editions.
    Printed on wove paper, size 190 x 127mm.
    Paper cover; front: coloured illustration “The Laboratory,” by Hon. John Collier; title lettered in black [within red frame] JEROME K. JEROME / [red rule, divided by small center diamond] / AFTER SUPPER / GHOST STORIES / and other tales; back cover: [within red frame] description of contents and price £3.95.
    Copies seen: APR (2); Library of Congress.
  7. Told after Supper. Milano, La Spiga, 1995.
    Not seen.