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    Jeremy Nicholas

    We in the UK are all used to the curmudgeonly sneering of Jeremy Paxman, formerly a feared television interrogator and now quiz show host. The rotweiller’s latest incarnation is as presenter of a charming series on Channel 4 where he gets to explore the rivers of Great Britain and meet some of the people whose livelihood depends on them.
    Last night Paxo investigated the Thames, a perfectly affable and undemanding doco, until suddenly, from the back of a river boat, he reminded us of Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows and then of Jerome K Jerome’s Three Men in a Boat which he described as ‘the unfunniest book ever written’. Well, that’s a point of view – but why say it with the vehemence most of us would reserve for someone who has stolen their wife – oops, Jeremy has just left his wife of 30+ years for a younger model, sorry – and back up his argument by reading not one of JKJ’s comedic passages but the last valedictory sentence of the book, spoken by Harris.
    We can comfort ourselves in the knowledge that TMIAB, which has been entertaining the public non-stop for 127 years to date, will still be around long after any of Paxo’s volumes of verbal diarrhoea have been remaindered.

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