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    Roxane Lignel

    Hello, I am currently translating Paul Kelver into French as my final dissertation, I was wondering if anyone here could help me with some elements I have trouble understanding, as I am not quite familiar with texts that are that old. I am about 10 pages in. I am for instance wondering what the “petrified diagrams proving dead problems” of the first sentence refer to.
    Many thanks !

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    Jeremy Nicholas

    Hello Roxane!
    I am sorry to have taken so long replying to your query. At first, I could not find the quotation – and for future reference it may help to have a first edition to pinpoint sentences in the text. Eventually, of course, I realised it was in the very first paragraph.
    The sense of the phrase is very difficult to understand … I am not sure exactly what Jerome means, so I would go for a literal translation: diagrammes pétrifiés qui prouvent des problèmes morts – then it will be as obscure in French as it is in English!
    All best wishes,
    Jeremy Nicholas

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