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    Carl Wallnau

    We know that Jerome had four visits to the US and did public readings, not unlike Charles Dickens. I wonder if there is any record of what he actually did at these public performances. Any ideas?

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    Frank Rodgers

    Jerome went to America only three times – see My Life and Times chapter XI and my article “jerome in America” in Idle Thoughts no. 7, May 1989. Wile preparing the article I came across no reports on what he read.

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    Ardwight Chamberlain

    I”m no JKJ expert, but I happen to have come across a pair of (obviously unused) “members’ coupons” for the purchase of tickets to an “Author’s Evening” with Jerome to take place at the Music Hall, Academy of Music (Brooklyn?) on October 30, 1914. The subject was “Confessions of a Playwright” and, according to the coupons, the evening would include “Readings from his best known Plays: The Passing of the Third Floor Back; Miss Hobbs; John Englefield, Etc.”

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    Jeremy Nicholas

    Ardwright – fascinating. Any chance of a photo of these coupons for inclusion in a future edition of Idle Thoughts?

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