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New photo gallery

We’ve added a new photo gallery to the site today, found under the About Jerome menu above. The first images are of the filling station that Jerome stopped at in Cheltenham on his final journey in 1927 from Devon to London, as discussed in the forum ( The pictures were very kindly submitted by Ian Statham, aka Lodrun in the forum.

Any Jeromians who would like to contribute to the photo gallery, please send your pictures to President Jeremy at idlethoughts (at) jeromekjerome (dot) com. Make that into a proper email address – we don’t write it as such here or we’ll get overrun with spam.

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  1. Jeremy Nicholas
    Jeremy Nicholas says:

    This is what the JKJ Forum should be all about. Ian Statham (aka Lodrun) wrote to me identifying the petrol station in Cheltenham where Jerome filled up on his final car journey. I asked him if it was possible to get a photo of said petrol station. Lo and behold, Ian not only sends photos of the present garage but a marvellous period photo of what it must have looked like in JKJ’s day. Thanks Ian.
    I’m still puzzled by the number of people signing up to the Forum who leave no comments or why they have visited the site. Even if it’s just to look – or maybe to make use of the unique bibliography – it would be nice to know!

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