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41, Belsize Park, London
41, Belsize Park, London
Photographic portrait of Jerome
Lindfield Street, formerly Sussex Street, where JKJ lived as a boy.
JKJ's birth certificate
Jerome and his mother Marguerette Jerome.
Brunskill's Garage, Cheltenham
Brunskills Garage, Cheltenham, where Jerome filled up his car on his final journey
Brunskills Garage today, courtesy of Ian Statham
The young JKJ
Chairman Gray with actor Jeffrey Holland - the unveiling of JKJ plinth & bust, Walsall, June 2016
Christmas Concert, Lichfield Guildhall Chairman Gray, guest singer Shona lindsay and President Nicholas
Christmas Concert, Lichfield Guildhall 2009 with Madame Gallina (aka Iestyn Edwards)
l to r Society founder and first chairman Gordon Foster MBE, President Jeremy Nicholas and Mrs Jill Nicholas at the Annual Dinner 1996
Mayhem at the Annual Dinner with guest speaker Gyles Brandreth (his second appearance)
President Nicholas, the legendary Baz Cryer (his second visit as guest speaker) and Chairman Gray trying to deipher the notes of his speech at the Annual Dinner
President NIcholas, the late great Miles Kington (guest speaker), Chairman Gray and Membership Secretary Peter Wilson at the Annual Dinner
President Nicholas, guest speaker Chrsitopher Matthew, Chairman Gray and the amazing knitted Three Men (gift of the President's 93 year old mother) in 2002
The wonderful Barry Cryer and his wife, Terry. Guest speaker at the Annual Dinner 1996
The Chairman (possibly slightly the worse for wear) and Mrs Gray, Annual Dinner 1996
Hubert Gregg - great Jeromian and guest speaker 1989
Jerome's blue plaque unveiled March 1989
Jerome K Jerome Locomotive (2)
Jerome K Jerome Locomotive
Idle Thoughts Train
Jerome's headstone in Ewelme (1996) before its restoration by the Society
The three Jerome family headstones in Ewelme churchyard
The gravestone of Milton Melancthon Jerome, instated in Ewelme in 2009
The 4 Jerome family headstones in Ewelme churchyard
JKJ meets horse and trap (1)
JKJ meets horse and trap (2)
Jerome in his study
Jerome in his uniform as a member of the French Ambulance Unit.
Rowena Jerome
1st Perf Edinburgh 1980
JKJ with Jim (perhaps a descendant of Montmorency) outside Gould's Grove
JKJ, a favourite horse and groom
Jerome's garden at Wallingford. l to r George Wingrave, JKJ's gardner, JKJ and Rowena.
Jerome and Rowena
Jerome and Ettie, Gould's Grove
Elsie (JKJ's step-daughter) and Rowena
JKJ's second home with Municipal List of Residents 1861
Jerome's Complimentary Dinner, 1927
Jerome's Complimentary Dinner menu
Jerome quote in 1967 cartoon
Cover of the first biography of Jerome
Complete list of Jerome's known addresses
Jerome at home from The Sketch, 1902
Three Men Went to Row
Scene from The Prude's Progress, Edward Righton and Arthur Playfair as Adam Cherry and Theodore Travers.
Scene from The Passing of the Third Floor Back, St James's Theatre, 1908
The Passing of the Third Floor Back
The Passing of the Third Floor Back, The Stranger
Jerome in The Sketch, 1902
Henley Regatta, 1893
Rowena Jerome as Stasia, the maid, in The Passing of the Thord Floor Back.
A scene from Robina in Search of a Husband, Vaudeville Theatre, 1913.