Unpublished plays By Jerome

Pity is Akin to Love.   London.  Produced at the Olympic, 8 September 1888.

New Lamps for Old.    London.  Produced at Terry’s, 8 February 1890.    Typescript at the Bodleian Library.

Ruth (with Addison Bright).   Produced in Bristol, 20 March 890.

What Women Will Do.   Produced in Birmingham, 17 September 1890.

Birth and Breeding.   Produced in Edinburgh, 18 September 1890.  (Adapted from Sudermann’s Die Ehre).

Subsequently produced in New York in 1895 as Honour.

The Rise of Dick Halward.  London.  Produced at the Garrick, 19 October 1895.  Manuscript at the Bodleian Library.

Previously produced in New York  in 1894 as The Way to Win a Woman.

Biarritz.  The published version contains only the music by F. Osmond Carr and the lyrics by Adrian Ross.  Jerome’s libretto is at the British Library; the 113 page manuscript of the libretto is Add MS 53599B.

The MacHaggis (with Eden Phillpotts).   London.   Produced at the Globe, 25 February 1897.   Manuscript and typescript at the Bodleian Library.

John Ingerfield.  Produced  in New York in 1899.

Tommy.   London.  Produced at the Camden, 3 December 1906.   Typescript at New York Public Library.

Sylvia of the Letters.  London.  Produced at the Playhouse, 15 October 1907.

Esther Castways.   London.  Produced at the Prince of Wales’s, 21 January 1913.   Typescript at the Bodleian Library.

The Great Gamble.   London.  Produced  at the Haymarket, 21 May 1914.  Typescript  at the Bodleian Library.

Poor Little Thing.  Produced in New York  in 1914.   (Adapted from the French of Jules Lemaitre; typescript at the Bodleian Library, with the title of  La Massiè)re.

The Three Patriots.   London.  Produced at the Queen’s, 27 July 1915.   Typescript at the Bodleian Library.

The Disagreeable Man.   Not produced.  Typescript at Bodleian Library.

A Russian Vagabond.   Not produced.   Typescript at Bodleian Library.

The Night of Feb. 14th 1899.   Not produced.  Manuscript at Bodleian Library; typescript at New York Public Library.